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> Illinois/Indiana
> Wisconsin/U.P. Michigan


Product Line Card:

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Aerzen USA Aerzen USA Corp.
Alfa Laval (Ashbrook) Alfa Laval (Ashbrook)
Ambio Biofiltration Ambio Biofiltration, LTD.
Amiad Filtration Systems Amiad Water Systems
APG/Neuros APG Neuros
Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
Blue In Green, LLC. Blue In Green, LLC.
Calgon Carbon Corp. Calgon Carbon Corp.
Continental Blower Continental Blower
Custom Conveyor Corp Custom Conveyor Corp
De Nora Water Technologies De Nora Water Technologies
Design Tanks Design Tanks
Deskin Company Deskin Company
Duperon Corp. Duperon Corp.
ElectraTherm (by Bitzer Group) ElectraTherm (by Bitzer Group)
Enduro Composites Enduro Composites
Enviro-Care Company Enviro-Care Company
Fairbanks Morse Fairbanks Nijhuis
A brand of Pentair
Fluence Corporation Fluence Corporation
Force Flow, Inc. Force Flow, Inc.
Fournier Industries, Inc. Fournier Industries, Inc.
Franklin Miller Franklin Miller, Inc.
Hallsten Logo Hallsten Corp.
Halogen Valve Logo Halogen Valve Systems, Inc.
Hayward Gordon Pump Co. Hayward Gordon Pump Co.
Hellan Strainer Co. Hellan Strainer Co.
Hoffman & Lamson Hoffman & Lamson
a brand of Gardner Denver
Hydro International - (Eutek Systems®) Hydro International
Invent Environmental Technologies Invent Environmental Technologies
Ishigaki USA, Ltd. Ishigaki USA, Ltd.
KLa Systems, Inc. KLa Systems, Inc.
Swaby Lobeline™ Lobeline
Div. of Swaby Pump
Brands of Medora Corporation GridBee & SolarBee
Medora Corporation
Leopold a Xylem brand Leopold a Xylem brand
Milton Roy Milton Roy
Miox Corporation Miox Corporation
Ovivo Ovivo
Parkson Corporation Parkson Corporation
Penn Valley Pump  (Disc Flowing Logo Penn Valley Pump Company, Inc.
PHi, Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc. PHi, Pulsed Hydraulics, Inc.
RDP Technologies, Inc. RDP Technologies, Inc.
Redzone Robotics RedZone Robotics
Shelter Works Shelter Works
Spaans Babcock Logo Spaans Babcock, Inc.
Stamford Scientific International, Inc.   (SSI) Stamford Scientific International, Inc.   (SSI)
Steel Fab
Steel-Fab, Inc.
Suez Water Technologies & Solutions (formerly GE-Zenon) Suez Water Technologies & Solutions (formerly GE-Zenon)
Thermal Process Systems Thermal Process Systems
Trident Processes LLC Trident Processes LLC
Triplepoint Water Technologies Triplepoint Water Technologies
Varec Biogas Varec Biogas
Velodyne, LLC. Velodyne, Inc.
Waston-Marlow Pumps / Bredel Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group
Whipps, Inc. Whipps, Inc.
Zaps Technologies Zaps Technologies
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